The Perfect Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Mum

The Perfect Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Mum

Unless you've lived through the hazy first few months of having a baby yourself, you probably aren't sure where to start when it comes to shopping for baby shower gifts. Of course, it helps if the person you're shopping for has a registry set up, but if they don’t, you may find yourself flat out stuck and confused in the baby aisle. And that’s downright overwhelming: From products that you never even knew existed (Snotsuckers, anyone?) to ones that you have no idea how to use (seriously, how do you swaddle?!), shopping for the perfect baby shower gift is like a pop quiz and video game all wrapped up into one.

Whether you’re shopping for a mom-to-be—or you’re the one who’s pregnant or expecting and needing a few helpful suggestions for your own baby registry—try one of these baby showers gifts for new mums. These gift ideas will definitely make navigating the first few years of parenthood a whole lot easier. Here are some thoughtful baby shower gift ideas that are at the top of any expecting parent’s list of things to buy.

A little LUXXury Box 2.0- Hug Mug

Gift wrapped and ready to go, the perfect pamper kit from Harlow and Luxx

Silk Eye Masks

For all those restless nights new parents will have after their baby is born, a sleep mask will help them get some much-needed R&R. For, you know, like two seconds until the baby starts crying again.

The Perfect Pram Caddy

The Hayes Pram Caddy is perfect for carrying your necessities out with you as an alternative to using your fully loaded baby bag. The perfect accessory for busy and always on the move parents.

Hooray finally some nice Reversible Postpartum Briefs

Soft, stretchy, and supportive, Bare Mum’s patented postpartum recovery briefs are uniquely designed to be worn post birth to accommodate an Ice and Heat pack and bring soothing relief where needed

The Hands-free Baby Bag Backpack

Ever wanted a bag that would take you from day to night and back again? The Hayes Baby Backpack does just that. The Hayes Baby Backpack is stylish on the outside and perfectly organised on the inside.

Initial Necklace

How cute would this be: a necklace with Baby’s initial for Momma to wear? And then that necklace can become a family heirloom whenever the little one is big enough. We found this stunning necklace from Sarah & Sebastian