Let them be little, cause they’re only that way for a while

Let them be little, cause they’re only that way for a while

I have come to learn over the past few years that children learn at their own speed and in their own time.

I admit I was the queen of comparing my son (Oscar’s) capabilities with other children of the same age. This was completely unfair of me to do this as a parent, the truth is you can’t compare one child to another, they are all unique.

My current drama is trying to toilet train Oscar, my expectation is ‘he should be doing it by now’ and ‘his younger friends are doing it’ this only causes frustration for myself and leads to a tantrum from Oscar.

Why does he need to be trained now? He will do it at his own pace and in his own time. I also realised I need to respect Oscars autonomy when it comes to toilet training.

In fact, I have been told the more anxious the parent is about a situation, the more stressed the child will feel. We now leave the potty out and try to approach the task more casually with less pressure (he’s not even 3 yet – bless him!)

You'll get there Oscar (I'll be in trouble for posting this when O is older!)

This then made me think:

Why am I wanting Oscar to grow up so fast?
Why do I expect so much when he is simply amazing just the way he is?
Why do I expect Oscar to act like an adult when we go out?
He’s a kid and I need to let him be one

It’s time for us to let our children be children and instead of moaning that they are difficult and in our way, celebrate their innocence and impressionability while they still have it.