Over time I have come to learn that no parent is perfect.

Over time I have come to learn that no parent is perfect.

Over time I have come the learn that no parent is perfect.

It has taken 3 years and a lot of soul searching to realise this…. social media has played a fundamental part in how I have viewed and compared my parenting skills.

I don’t bake healthy snacks in a pristine kitchen or hand make sensory tables using natural materials foraged on my morning walks. I do put Paw Patrol on for 10 minutes peace, and I do open a packet of ‘organic chips’ for my version of a healthy snack.

Does this make me a bad parent, no it just makes me a realistic one.

Both me and my husband are working full time and I am also balancing my own business, we try to be as conscientious as we can but it’s simply no plausible to be able to be the ‘perfect online parents’

Comparing yourself to other parents puts so much pressure not only on yourself but also your child. It made me think what is perfect parenting.

  • We laugh
  • We cuddle
  • We play hide and seek
  • We watch Paw Patrol together
  • We do dance offs
  • We are jigsaw masters

The key for our parenting is to just relax and enjoy the small wins. So, what if we’re not ‘perfect parents’ we are just trying our goddam best.

Our biggest parenting success up to now is knowing our son loves us and calls us ‘his family’ and we’re happy with that.

“There are no perfect parents, and there are no perfect children, but there are plenty of perfect moments along the way”

Just remember you’re doing a bloody great job x