4 Functional & Fashion-Forward Nappy Bags We Love

4 Functional & Fashion-Forward Nappy Bags We Love

Being a parent is no easy feat — trying to stay fashionable while always on the go with your bub doesn't make things any simpler. There's no getting around the fact that caring for your little one means your list of essentials goes from fitting perfectly into a handbag to spilling out of a tote bag you thought could cater for you and your baby's cargo combined. 

Between the nappies, snacks, baby bottles and spare clothing, there can often be little room left for your things — such as your laptop, makeup, sunglasses and phone. It's not hard to see why your old favourite handbag should be abandoned for a more spacious nappy bag that can securely carry all your essentials for your next big day out. 

Stylish baby bags to keep you organised and prepared 

Just because you need a few more items to bring doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your style with a regular tote bag. There are stylish baby bags designed by parents for parents that are starting to make their mark, proving that nappy bags can be practical, versatile and oh-so- chic. 

These designer baby bags aren’t all about the looks, either. You can expect added pockets and straps to make storing and carrying easier, as well as features like zip-top closures and polyester material on the inside, making them more secure, considering spills and accidents along the way.

To make running errands as a parent more convenient, we’ve picked four of our favourite functional yet stylish baby bags for any occasion:

  1. The Hayes Baby Bag Backpack 

    The perfect option for keeping your hands free while carrying your little one, this baby bag backpack has a sleek, clean look that minimalist-obsessed mums will love.

    Don’t let the simple exterior fool you, though. This effortless surface hides away plenty of interior compartments and pockets to hold nappies, your tablet, baby bottles, spare clothes and more. The Hayes will keep you organised no matter what kind of day you have planned or how much your little one runs amuck. 

  2. The Bea Pram Caddy Baby Bag

    As a functional 2-in-1 sleeper, this stylish baby bag comes with matching pram clips to secure it as a caddy while you walk around — it can also be converted into a fashionable shoulder bag that looks more like it’s ready for the office than the playground! 

    Premium faux leather makes cleaning a breeze and padded straps help keep your shoulders comfy no matter how loaded up your stylish baby bag is.

  3. The Hayes Baby Bag Tote 

    If you loved your tote bag pre-babies, we’ve reimagined the classic design. The Hayes Baby Bag Tote is a stylish baby bag that both mum and dad can coordinate with any outfit. 

    Insulated compartments keep baby bottles and water at a consistent temperature, while a padded pocket protects your smartphone when you’re on the go. Pop your tablet or computer in the protective laptop pocket and a contrast lining makes it easy to find anything inside. Best of all, a custom-designed slip pocket doubles as a padded changing mat to make nappy changes on the go a hassle-free task.

  4. The Hilton Carryall Baby Bag 

    Like the luxury hotel of stylish baby bags, the Hilton is a heavy lifter when heading out the door fully prepared. A great option if you have twins or a baby and toddler running around, this weekender style carry-all will easily fit nappies, snacks, toys, bottles and more. 

    Plenty of small pockets help you keep everything organised internally. Best of all, this hand-sized bag makes a great gym or hospital go bag — we love a versatile offering. 

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