4 Stylish Nappy Bags That Don’t Look Like Nappy Bags

4 Stylish Nappy Bags That Don’t Look Like Nappy Bags

Ever wondered how some mums look effortlessly polished and as if they’ve had a full night’s sleep while running errands without a hair out of place? The secret is out — a baby bag from Arrived is your new secret weapon to carry all your baby staples and just-in-case items in a sleek and contemporary silhouette.

Babies and young infants require a lot of items to carry them through long days with as little fuss. Mum’s sacrifice enough, from sleep, free time and sometimes a little sanity, but we’ll save your style. To keep your aesthetic on point without the kitschy bags, we list the most striking baby bags in Australia to help you make a sleek sartorial choice every day. Read on to find your fashion moment.

Stylish day to night — The Hayes backpack

The Hayes baby bag backpack has always got your back — literally. With a design that will take you from play dates in the afternoon to visiting the in-laws at night, you can conveniently keep your essentials packed and organised in their respective places, ready to retrieve to pre-empt a little accident. 

Large enough to hold your daily staples and double as a light weekend bag, this baby bag is every mum’s best friend, 2IC and au pair. Upholstered in faux leather for a cruelty-free build with a streamlined design, you’ll never have to compromise style with The Hayes backpack over your shoulders. 

Keep it casual and cool with The Hilton Carryall

From coastal walks and running to the store to spending time with your gorgeous bub, The Hilton Carryall is one of the most versatile baby bags in Australia. Whether you prefer to carry it in your hand or across your shoulder, its spacious cavities will hold extra milk bottles, dummies and all the odds and ends you need to keep the baby settled. 

With space to accommodate your personal items or use as a bag for travel or the gym, its warm tan colour and gold-finished hardware keep casual and smart outfits looking sharp.

Your ‘I just threw it on’ moment — The Jean Baby Tote Bag

Between doctor's checkups, grocery runs and miscellaneous appointments, mums are always racing to get things done. We’re tote-ally in love with The Jean baby bag’s modern, tapered build and supple faux-leather upholstery. Sling it over your shoulder and maintain a clean, elegant ensemble with all odds and ends neatly stored away. With a spacious pocket that allows you to throw things in when you’re on your way out the door, The Jean will keep your staples within easy reach, so you and your baby never go without the essentials.

Stay fashion ready with The Bea Pram Caddy

Comfortably hanging off your shoulder or stored in your stroller’s undercarriage, The Bea Pram Caddy is a baby bag that lets you go hands-free. With your hands open to push your stroller and the other to hold your coffee, you can ride out the day in style. Finished with a clean and minimalist design, an easy-to-pair black colour and supple, cruelty-free faux leather, The Bea baby bag will allow you to join the ranks of mothers who make busy days look easy.

Shop one of the most fashionable baby bags Australia’s parents are fawning over

Staying organised doesn’t mean you have to step away from your signature style — Arrived offers a striking range of baby bags that don’t look like baby bags, so you can go from morning to night with all your staples in hand while staying true to your aesthetic.

Whether you’re a new parent or want to upgrade your gear once and for all, explore the complete range of baby bags from Arrived and enjoy a design that doesn’t compromise on style or function, no matter who is on baby duty. With fast and affordable shipping straight to your door, you can end the hassle of hunting for a certain item between multiple bags today. So what are you waiting for? Shop the complete collection today to find a carryall you can style your way.