The Nylon Revolution

The Nylon Revolution

In the late nineties and early 2000’s, the world was obsessed with a nylon bag. Any person who loved fashion would have crawled over hot coals to get their hands on one of the Miuccia Prada’s utilitarian nylon backpacks.

What’s so special about a bag, I hear you ask? In this case, the team at Prada had created an iconic fashion moment by taking something unwanted and giving it a new look. They changed the way we look at nylon forever.

This humble synthetic material was always considered a poor choice for a handbag or backpack, until Prada worked their magic. Now, this durable material is as covetable as any other leather and faux leather good. Nylon has had serious staying power in the fashion world, we’ve seen brands use it season after season.

Nylon X Arrived 

At Arrived, we decided to use nylon in some of our bags for different reasons. First, it creates a functional and timeless look that transcends trends and will last beyond this season. For parents, it’s not just stylish, extremely durable and easy to spot clean. As a fabric, it can easily handle all the bumps and scrapes that are part of family life.

The Oscar Baby Bag Backpack and Oscar Baby Bag Holdall are two of our favourite nylon styles. We are certain you will love these classic bags as much as we do.

Enjoy x