Thanks mum, you’re simply the best.

Thanks mum, you’re simply the best.

I'm Truly Thankful I'm Turning Into My Mum

Whilst I was growing up I had a fear of turning into my mum, like many girls did I’m sure.  As a child, your mum can do no wrong, but when you become a teenager, you realise that she is actually a human being who has her own personality and she's not perfect.

The biggest realisation of all was that she was generally right about things, and I should have listened to her more!

My mum was a stay-at-home mum with 4 kids, she had the patience of a saint and the biggest heart. But seriously mum does always know best 😊

Now I don’t find the prospect of becoming more like her worrying.

I find that I’m embracing some of it now. I work really hard even though I don’t have a traditional job. I do a lot of consulting and try to teach my child as best I can.

My mums biggest bug bear is manners which she instilled in all of us “manners don’t cost anything” this has now become my mission with Oscar.

The concept of turning into your mum doesn’t have to be frightening. Many mums are amazing woman just doing the best they can. Take what you admire from your mum and welcome it. She knew some of what she was doing, just like you do.

Thanks mum, you’re simply the best x