Newborn support: 10 tips for stressed-out parents

Newborn support: 10 tips for stressed-out parents

Round-the-clock newborn care can turn your life upside down. Use these practical approaches to handle the new bundle stress in your life.

A newborn can bring a whirlwind of activity and excitement to your life — and plenty of pressure and fatigue, too. Whether you're a first-time parent or an old hand, consider 10 practical tips to keep stress under control.

1. Take care of yourself
Resist the urge to count caffeine as a major food group or a substitute for sleep.
Instead, eat a healthy diet, drink plenty of water and get some fresh air. Sleep when the baby sleeps, good habits will help you maintain the energy you need to care for your newborn.

2. Establish visiting rules
Friends and loved ones might come out of the woodwork to admire your newborn. Let them know which days’ work best and how much time you have for a visit. Let trusted visitors care for the baby while you get some much-needed rest.

3. Go with the flow
Allow plenty of time each day for nursing sessions, naps and crying spells.

4. Expect a roller coaster of emotions
You might go from adoring your baby and marveling at tiny fingers and toes to grieving your loss of independence and worrying about your ability to care for a newborn, all in the space of an hour.
To help you stay connected, talk about what's bothering, a shared laugh might help lighten the mood too.

5. Relax your standards
Leave dust bunnies where they lie for now. Store clean clothes in the laundry basket — or in stacks on the floor — until you need them. Clean the bathroom with a fresh nappy wipe.

6. Get out of the house
If you're going stir-crazy with a fussy newborn, take the baby out for a walk. If you can, let someone you trust take over for a while.

7. Accept a helping hand
When friends and loved ones offer to help, take them up on it. Suggest holding the baby, folding the laundry, or running a few errands — whatever would help you the most.

8. Nurture other relationships
Your newborn needs your love and attention, but you won't let your baby down by spending time with others. If you have other children, set aside one-on-one time with each of them. Schedule dates with your partner. Meet a friend for lunch or a movie.

9. Keep your perspective
The newborn days won't last long. Step back and appreciate the moment, even amid the chaos.

10. Know when to seek additional help
Parenting is a challenge, even on a good day. If you're depressed or you're having trouble adjusting to life with a newborn, consult your health care provider or a mental health provider.

Learning to handle the new stress in your life can help you enjoy the riches parenting has to offer.

You are not alone x