Nappy Bag vs Regular Bags: Unveiling 8 Vital Differences

Nappy Bag vs Regular Bags: Unveiling 8 Vital Differences

As parents, we all know that staying organised while on the go with baby can be a tricky endeavour. Something that can make life easier, however, is being equipped with a nappy bag that is designed with the needs of parents in mind.

Although some parents choose to use a regular bag, a nappy bag takes the stress out of outings with baby. Join us as we explore the differences between the two and why nappy bags come out on top.

1. Purpose

While regular bags are designed to carry your personal belongings, nappy bags are specifically designed to keep all your baby items organised. This means there’s plenty of space for your baby essentials, including wipes, nappies, bottles, and spare clothes. Arrived’s range of nappy bags is designed by parents for parents, making it easy to stay organised in style. 

2. Design and Compartments

Regular backpacks have compartments, but they are often lacking in space and quantity. For example, your favourite bag probably doesn’t have insulated bottle pockets! On the other hand, nappy bags do have these, plus plenty more for all your other baby items. Unlike regular backpacks, nappy backpacks are compatible with other accessories, such as pram clips, which are lifesavers when out and about with baby. Pram clips are easily attached to your pram’s handlebar to hold up your baby bag and allow you to go hands-free. 

3. Easy to Clean

Babies are notoriously messy, so easy-to-clean material is a must. Since regular backpacks aren’t designed with parents in mind, you might find yourself struggling with some of the more stubborn stains. Arrived’s range of nappy bags is made from premium faux leather that can be easily wiped clean. 

4. Size and portability 

The perfect baby bag strikes a balance between being roomy enough to keep all your baby items organised without being a hassle to lug around all day. Our nappy backpacks have enough space to fit a tablet, plenty of nappies, and even your gym gear! 

5. Style and Aesthetics

 At Arrived, we believe that although becoming a parent comes with a lot of lifestyle changes, you don’t have to sacrifice your style! Just like a regular bag, our range of trendy diaper bags allows you to express your personal style. Available in a range of soft, neutral colours and a gender-neutral design, our bags are the perfect companion, regardless of who’s on baby duty. For tips on how to choose the best nappy backpack for your lifestyle, read our blog here.

6. Durability 

Unlike regular bags, baby bags are designed to withstand the extra wear and tear that comes with spills and regular cleaning. Arrived’s baby bags perfectly balance style and durability, so you can continue to use your bag long after your baby grows up.

7. Comfort 

When you’re out and about with the kids, the last thing you want is sore shoulders from your backpack straps. While the straps of regular backpacks may cut into your shoulders, our baby backpacks feature adjustable and padded straps, so you can stay hands-free in comfort all day. 

8. Accessories

Unlike a regular backpack, nappy bags are equipped with additional parent-friendly such as change mats. These come in particularly handy when you need to do a quick change while out and about. Our nappy-changing bags come with a padded changing mat so you can be prepared for nappy and outfit changes anytime. Plus, you can pair our bags with your favourite nappy pouch for easy access to your essentials.

Find your perfect nappy bag 

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