5 minutes with Krechelle Carter @eightathome

5 minutes with Krechelle Carter @eightathome

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview Krechelle, I personally wouldn’t with everything you have on your plate!

Ahh no worries at all babes! My writing is normally funny stories or tips and tricks to keeping your life together- although I mean who really does have their life together? I just like to share all the golden gem pieces of information I’ve learnt on my journey and hope they help a few people out!

Keep an eye on the new year, hopefully have a couple of exciting things happening in regard to books :)

Q1: Tell us a little but about Krechelle, I see you are a writer and would love to know what you write about, what you like to do when you have any spare time etc.

When I have spare time, you’ll see me having family days with beautiful hubby and kids, sipping on a Pina colada, or doing some heavy lifting or yoga- I’m an all or nothing kinda girl :) xx

Q2: I am a mama of 1 and struggle with this, how do you manage 6 children, what are your top 5 tips and tricks?

I think six kids just is my second nature because it’s been this way for so long I don’t know any different.

My 5 tips would be

One: Stick to your guns- I think sometimes we waiver when we shouldn’t, or we feel pressure from the outside that we shouldn’t, and we don’t follow ourselves through and through- and we should :)

Tip two would be

Similar- Listen to your gut. The overrated art of listening to our gut can get us further than we know.

If it doesn’t feel right don’t do it!

I would say if we head into practical tips

Get a sleep routine that works for you and stick to it.

Our kids go to bed at around 7:30 and sleep through till the morning and I think it’s because we never really waived from the bedtime routine, just read a quiet story turn the lights of stay in bed.

Eating is the same- if you don’t eat it I’m sorry but we are not making six different meals, you get what you get.

So, eat up the broccoli guys ha-ha.

The kids are great now, the only exemption is when they truly detest something I’ll then make and exemption.

I would say my last tip would be:

Take care of yourself. “No mama can give from an empty cup it’s really true that you become the best mum when you also become your best self”

So, we all could work on that a little more I think :)

Q3: I am currently on a journey to drop a few kilos but really struggling to find the motivation and energy, if you could give any advice on getting the ball rolling what would it be?

To get the ball rolling I’ll pick an activity, at the moment I lift and I’m doing 30 days straight of lifting.  So, I find that will motivate me for the next 30 days :)

Setting small non overwhelming challenges it’s where it’s at and not beating yourself up when you perform at 90 percent of that challenge- that’s still a goddam “A” in my book.

Q4: As I mentioned above you also have some chronic illnesses: IBD, immune and sinus issues plus lupus.  This must be an incredible strain on you not only physically but mentally.  Do you have any information you could share with us and also what we could do you help support these illnesses?

Yes, I have auto immune disease similar to lupus where my body attacks blood vessels.

The bowel cancer risk being so high can sometimes get inside my head, but then I’m just grateful to be here.

Grateful for my awesome surgeons for doing everything they could and still following along to make sure I stay on top of it all. And I’m grateful to myself for pushing on through everything.

I try and eat low inflammation foods olive oil, berries, spinach, and I try to keep up my exercise because that helps greatly.

“And sometimes I just have to roll with the punches it’s a bad day not life. :)”

Q5: If you had a whole day to yourself what would you do?

I have whole days to myself all the time.

I make sure of it.

Actually, I insist on it.

I have a wonderfully supportive husband and I make sure to take days where I work out, get my hair done and take myself to lunch- it’s all about keeping my cup full so when I come back to it the next day I can be the best mum ever.


Krechelle modelling the Hayes Backpack in cappuccino x